Long Beach Assisted Living

251-255 West Broadway, Long Beach, NY

  •  Independent Assisted Living Complex on the Atlantic Ocean

Long Beach was an area in swift transition, we purchased this property from the Supreme Court appointed referee. The building had been housed by squatters with various forms of substance abuse issues and served as a conduit for all manner of illegal activities. A thorough eviction was accomplished paving the way for efficient and expedient renovations. With the direct support of the Mayor’s Office, Police Commissioner and the local department of Social Services for emergency housing, we completed what appeared to be a miraculous immediate and full recovery of the building. All invested parties, especially the Mayor and including the community were ecstatic with the result.   

The building was fully gutted; kitchens, bathrooms, and boiler room were rebuilt. The water bill had been 4,000% higher than one would expect for several years, with domestic water leaks found under the building( ocean salt water  on galvanized  pipe ). Our decision to replace the plumbing with galvanized metal water pipes remediated the issue and prevented possible future problems that are typical in a building located directly near the ocean.

Additionally, the building was brought to conformity with the fashionable trends and modernization in the area. The project was completed to premium quality, raising the market value of all properties in the area and replacing a blight in what was to become an upscale city.

Our marketing efforts of hanging a large banner outside of building, sending letters to all Real Estate offices and to all individual sales people within the area offering incentives resulted in a fully leased building in 3 days’ time.