Retired since 2017, Licensed By NYS Office of Family Services,  currently purchases properties and manages family trust. Twenty three million will be permanently applied to suppliment properties to the independent family portfolio “McEvoy Family Trust”; for future family generations, in operation of adult care communities, highest demand in New York  and All USA metro regions  since 2009.

Established as a Real Estate Investor in 1979, after serving as school administrator  and  buying, rebuilding and selling properties for large and small institutions, commonly through large government institutional programs (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, F.H.A) or directly through Bank or Supreme Court Appointed Referee/ Marshall for Bank Foreclosure.

Through 35 years of experience and over 230 properties, developed simple and profound methodologies; these allow for sourcing leads on property investments, stabilizing adult care communities.

  • Proven successful in choosing profitable investments.
  • Specialized in rebuilding, re-stabilizing and releasing badly managed or foreclosed properties.
  • Focused on bold and aggressive, highly competitive construction with non-union bids.
  • Developed massive marketing campaigns leading to large increases in leasing and occupancy.  
  • Expert management; providing safe, clean and maintained buildings that serve the needs of tenants and the larger community.